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Certificate Error appears on the iOS devices whilst using a internally signed Local CA - c06236102

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is able to install and configure the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to submit the print job to this remote component.

  1. After the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station has been installed, login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
  2. Select the Networking tab and modify the Service Manager URL with the information on how to connect to the primary PrinterOn Enterprise solution and specifically the machine hosting the Central Print Services (CPS).

    If the field is not present, select the 'Gear' in the top right corner, then enable 'Show Advanced Settings'.
  3. Configure the Server address details on the printer to point to the new Print Delivery Station (PDS) at the remote location.
    1. Select the Printers tab.
    2. Select the printer that will be associated with the new PDS.
    3. Select the output location.
    4. Confirm the server address is the correct address that will be used from the machine hosting the Print Anywhere Services (PAS) to connect to the PDS machine.
    5. Confirm the correct port to be used by the PDS is specified (see image below).

      Confirm that the Attached Printer To: is populated with the correct remote Print Delivery Station.
  4. Submit a print job and confirm that the print job successfully appears in the newly installed Print Delivery Station.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise solution 3.x and later. To connect the remotely installed PDS to the Primary PrinterOn Enterprise solution configuration Manager, review Article #c06224394 .