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Comparison between the data size and file size which results in the error 'exceed maximum printed size' - c06595879

The value entered in the "Max. printed size (KB)" field on the printer's optional settings tab in the PrinterOn printer definition refers to the data size aft the document has been rendered, not the submitted file size.

This value is set on the Output Options or Finishing Options area of the printer definition, depending on if it's a PrinterOn Public or PrinterOn Enterprise solution.

For example, if the max printed size value is set to 2500 KB and a user sends a 40 page PDF document which is 1.5MB on the hard drive.

The document after it has been rendered could be 2000KB (2MB), the document could also be larger in size 3000KB (3MB).

The reason the document could be rendered to different printed sized depends on the print driver being used, the type of file submitted, whether the document contains colour content or is mainly image content.

When setting this value, please note the actual rendered size could very, if you use this feature remember to set an appropriate value after completing significant testing.