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Configure SafeQ to accept PrinterOn jobs sent from the Print Delivery Station on alternate server - c06594812

Using these steps the administrator of the PrinterOn solution can configure the SafeQ system to accept print jobs from the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) when PDS is on another machine.

The steps below provide instructions to modify how SafeQ reads the username from the print job data.

  1. Navigate to the System tab of SafeQ's admin console.
  2. Change the view to "Expert options"
  3. Locate the Spooler setting "Expression for username parsing from PJL job headers"
  4. Change the ParserPJLUser value to @PJL SET USERNAME[ ]*=[ ]*(.*)(@|\n|\r)
  5. Save changes and restart SafeQ CML service


Applies to Print Delivery Station 3.x and later.