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Database security when using the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06234261

PrinterOn uses modern “cloud-aware” databases to store and manage an organization’s data. The specific database technology used depends on use case, but includes both SQL and NoSQL databases. In all cases, the same high level of security is applied. Databases are deployed in facilities with comprehensive control environments that includes the necessary policies, processes and control activities for the delivery of each of the cloud service offerings.

Each organization has an isolated and unique database instance to store their data. The database itself is not exposed to the Internet and is managed beneath multiple layers of firewalls to ensure that there is no external access to the data. In addition, the database instances use security policies that limit connectivity to specific logical services that make up the larger PrinterOn service ensuring that only those services requiring access can interact with the data. Access control is comprised of both network access control (limiting specific inbound connections), as well as user access control, by providing credentials to connect to the instance if allowed by the network.

PrinterOn manages a wide range of information to enable administrators to customize the service. The organization’s isolated directory contains information including:


PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.