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Does the print driver on each child printer in a Secure Release Anywhere need to be unique? - c06238679

Drivers in this scenario do not need to be unique, but child printers should still be configured with an appropriate driver.

When using the Secure Release Anywhere functionality in the PrinterOn solution, drivers are configured on each printer instance. There will be a "child" printer instance for each unique printer within the pool, and there will be a pool printer instance which also requires a driver be configured.

The pool printer instance should be configured with a driver that can be used by all the child printers within the pool. A universal PCL or PS driver works best here.

The child printer instance can be configured with a driver more tailored to the unique printer, but a universal driver is acceptable as well. The reason it's important to have an appropriate driver selected on the child printers is that workflows can be created to allow direct submissions to child printers. For example, it's possible for the solution to be configured to allow a user to email a child printer directly and have jobs print automatically, bypassing the secure release requirement.