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During installation the error message appears - The installer cannot confirm that the default DB for SQL Server is installed - c06234682

During the installation of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution, the error message appears - "The installer cannot confirm that the default DB for SQL Server is installed"


The machine where the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is installed requires a reboot - possibly due to Windows Updates.

Steps to resolution:

  1. Install all the latest Microsoft Windows patches and security updates .
  2. Complete a reboot on the machine.
  3. Login to the machine using a Local Administrative account .
  4. Install .NET 3.5 (recommended to complete this install before running the PrinterOn Enterprise Installer).
  5. Review the PrinterOn Enterprise solution logs located here by default:
    C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\ PONData \Logs
    Review the logs for information such as: "A computer restart is required. You must restart this computer before installing SQL Server."
  6. Review the Microsoft SQL server logs located here by default: C:\Program Files (x 86)\ Microsoft SQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log
    Verify the TLS requirements on the machine, if the administrator blocks TLS 1.0 the SQL service cannot be installed. If TLS 1.0 has been restricted, request access to the remote SQL machine so the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can be installed and connect to the remote SQL service instead.
  7. Remove the PrinterOn Enterprise solution and try to install again after completing the above steps.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.