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Error 20906 generated while trying to start the PrinterOn email plugin service with MAPI connection - c06231872

While trying to start the PrinterOn Enterprise server PrintAnywhere Email Plugin component configured with MAPI connection generates the error message 20906 .

Steps to resolution:

  1. Validate that the Microsoft operating system that the PrintAnywhere service is running on is on the same domain as the Microsoft Exchange server; there are compatibility challenges with MAPI communicating with different domains.
  2. Validate that the user account used to create the mail profile is the same account used to run the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere service . The mail profiles are stored in the per user registry section so if the mail profile was created with one user it won't be accessible by PAS.
  3. Enable a different email protocol such as EWS or IMAP.
  4. Try to re-install the PrinterOn Enterprise solution .
  5. Upgrade the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to the latest release


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and older.