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Error Print Error: Not Found" when submitting a print job through the web submission method" - c06242689

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can troubleshoot issues related to 'Print Error: "Found"'.

Symptoms :

Steps to troubleshoot :

  1. Verify the address specified within the Central Print services (CPS) in order to communicate with the PrintAnywhere Server (PAS).
    • Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager, select Advanced Components.
    • Select configure on the Central Print Services.
    • Select the Advanced tab.
    • Review information in the PrintAnywhere Server URI field.
  2. Confirm that access from the machine hosting the Central Print Service is available for the address.
    • Firewall access might be required (allowed or enabled) in the event the CPS and the PAS are on different machines or different subnets.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.