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Error received when selecting specific paper size - c06730018

During the print submission process, an error appears saying "The requested paper size information is invalid. Please check your request for accuracy and ensure that the printer requested supports the desired paper size." Error messages include PWC4557 & PWC4558.

This indicates the driver selected does not support the paper size selected and a new driver will need to be used to resolve.

To be sure the new driver you select supports the paper size required, you can check driver paper sizes using PrintWhere :

  1. Configure a hosted service to use a specific driver
  2. Using PrintWhere , define that printer to be used for a submission
  3. Once the Plug-In is created, launch PrintWhere's Preferences and go to the Paper tab
  4. Click on the Advanced button to launch the underlying driver
  5. Navigate the specific driver (aka the Plug-in) to locate paper size options
  6. If the required paper size is not shown in that list, try a new driver.
  7. Repeat steps above until a driver is located that supports the required paper size
    • Eg. The Generic PCL6 driver does not offer A3:
    • But the PrinterOn Generic PCL6 option does offer A3: