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Error-PWC0000-Your-request-is-being-queued - c06241141

Error message received when submitting a print request through the PrinterOn Enterprise Solution - "PWC0000": Your request is being queued.

Thinks to check:

  1. Validate that the PrinterOn Enterprise solution components are all in a running state.
    This can be checked from the PrinterOn Configuration Manager under 'Home', then 'Services' or can be checked directly on the Windows machine by going to the Microsoft Windows Services panel.
    If the services are stopped start them again, then try another test print.
  2. Validate that each of the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere services (PAS) are configured to communicate to the Central Print Services.

This can be checked by going to Advanced > Components > Configure on PrintAnywhere Server, then the Basic tab (see image below)


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.