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Geographical considerations in the cloud and the PrinterOn Enterprise managed cloud - c06234272

For PrinterOn managed cloud deployments, PrinterOn adopts a shared responsibility approach to data security. This means PrinterOn works with customers to ensure that it meets the security requirements specific to the customer. PrinterOn will be transparent and provide the information necessary for the customer to make an informed decision. It is then the customer’s responsibility to determine if their specific security needs and requirements have been met. This shared responsibility is critical as each organization’s requirements are different and are impacted by regional jurisdiction that varies based on their business, location and size.

PrinterOn Enterprise Managed Cloud runs in the PrinterOn Cloud. PrinterOn Enterprise can also be deployed in a private cloud behind an organization’s firewall or in any third-party datacenter in the world. Based on customer requirements, the service allows for selection of the appropriate data center that complies with the security and legal requirements of the client. PrinterOn’s preferred hosting datacenter locations are in the U.S. and Germany to service European customers.

PrinterOn’s underlying cloud infrastructure service provider is in compliance with current EU Privacy Guidelines and GDPR requirements. The service provider is also a member of the Association of Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE). Services used by the PrinterOn are all compliant with the CISPE code.

PrinterOn’s service is designed to allow for each client to access the appropriate regional datacenters using location-based DNS resolution. This ensures clients in one geographic region access services in the region desired.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise Managed Cloud version 4.x and later.