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Google Cloud Printers show as Offline" but my network is open" - c06237342

Even when access to is open through the web browser it would still be beneficial to check if the port is also open.

The Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) needs access through the local network to Google's services to be able to present the printers online to the end users.

  1. Validate from the local network access is available from the machine where PDG is installed to telnet to:
    1.telnet 5222 (the default XMPP port)
  2. Validate from the network the XMPP protocol is allowed through the firewall as this could also prevent the PDG from displaying the printers as online.
  3. If your telnet is successful but you still see Offline printers, try restarting your Print Delivery Gateway service.
  4. If restarting the PDG service still fails, please ensure required ports and network access are allowed.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.