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How do I create a PrintWhere Configuration file for my users? - c06638143

Full details are in the PrintWhere Admin Guide on our website's Documentation page, this Article contains a sample of a typical file for an Enterprise or Enterprise Managed Cloud customer. Values that must be updated to reflect customer settings are highlighted. These are the minimum values that must be adjusted. You can choose to set no default printer by removing the DefaultPrinter section.

Using the settings below, a user's machine will be configured with the customer's Service URL, a default printer called "mobile" and user credentials will be saved once entered. Users can change configurations and use advanced search functions. All searches will be performed against the Service URL defined.

An important step when saving this file is to choose the correct file encoding. When using Notepad, choose Unicode Encoding before saving the file. When using Notepad++, choose UCS-2 LE BOM Encoding before saving the file.