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How does email printing work in PrinterOn Enterprise? - c06594845

The PasPort Email Plugin is part of the PrintAnywhere component inside the PrinterOn Enterprise solution. It is a connector that enables the solution to receive email-submitted print requests. It can connect to a Mail Server via IMAP, EWS, or Lotus Domino. It also supports EWS or SMTP for email sending. After a document is processed by email, a reply is sent to the user so they are aware the job is ready to be collected.

The PasPort Email Plugin will connect to a single mailbox in a single Mail environment. The key point is that all mail destined for the printing service needs to arrive in this single mailbox. When the mail arrives, the "To" address is read and the printer is identified. Eg. if the "To" address is, the printer this job will be delivered to is the one with a PrinterOn Name of " staffprint ". NOTE: The domain name is not taken into account . It's possible the Email Domain field is not updated, and email submissions can still be processed. If mail arrives to an address that does not match a printer name, it will be rejected with an error stating the printer was not found by default. There is also an option to ignore all mail sent to an invalid printer name, and in that case users will not get a reply from the solution.

When the email body and documents attached to the email have been processed, an email reply is sent to the user referenced in the "From" field of the original email. A Job Reference Number and release code, if enabled, is provided in the reply sent to the user.


Finishing options follow the default selections on the printer configuration when using the email submission method. For example, if the default paper size is Letter, all jobs will print on Letter paper when submitted by email. If the default is set for Black and White printing, all jobs will be printed monochrome when submitted by email.