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How does the KM SecurePrint integration work? - c06594832

The 3rd Party Integration for Konica-Minolta SecurePrint allows an administrator to integrate PrinterOn -submitted print jobs with the KM SecurePrint functionality on KM MFPs. The Secure Print function allows you to set an ID and a password for print data and to save the data in a box (Secure Print User Box) on the KM MFP.

To release a document, the user must enter the ID and password on the Secure Print box.

To enable the integration on your PrinterOn Public printer, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Website.
  2. Select the 'Printers' tab.
  3. Go to the Optional Settings.
  4. Enable Konica-Minolta SecurePrint .
  5. Enable the secondary option "Enable printer based authorization integration"
  6. Save changes.

When submitting print jobs, users will now be prompted for a Username and Password on the second page of the web upload, and prior to the submission of a mobile app or PrintWhere request.


This integration is supported with Web Print, Mobile app submission and PrintWhere Driver submissions, but not with the Email to print feature.