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How does the PrinterOn solution handle paper sizes? - c06566298

Documents submitted for printing through the PrinterOn solution will print on the paper size selected by the user during job submission. When paper size selection is not available (for example, submitting a print job via email), the default paper size set on the printer configuration within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager will be used. In other words, document paper size is not taken into consideration during the print process.

One option to get around this limitation with email submissions would be to offer 2 email addresses.

For example, one for A4 prints and one for A3. The email address used to send the print to would determine the paper size used to process the document. Using this workaround and example, a second "email printing only" printer should be created with all the same settings as the current printer, except the paper size default is A3, and the only submission methods allowed are email.