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How does the Processing Server resolve the IP address in a clustered deployment? - c06238732

When the Processing Server receives a request from a Status Server, it does a DNS lookup to retrieve the IP address. The PrintAnywhere component gets this IP address by calling gethostbyname . A host can have multiple IP address and the gethostbyname command will return a list of those address. PrintAnywhere will utilize the first value returned. The sequence of the IP address list may be configured on the DNS server. That action is outside the scope of PrinterOn Support.

Sample log files (Level 9 or 10 of PrintAnywhere logs):

14-09-2018 09:51:48:528 0x1650 T10 Enter CRequestProcessor :: ReceiveRequestInfo

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T10 Leave CRequestProcessor :: ReceiveRequestInfo

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 W10 Calling DetermineResponseAddress .

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T09 Enter DetermineResponseAddress : the incoming address is (WIN756215- .local).

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T09 Resolve Server Response Address by Name (WIN756215- .local).

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T09 Address type: AF_INET

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T09 Response Server address resolved from (WIN756215- .local) to (

14-09-2018 09:51:48:544 0x1650 T09 Leave DetermineResponseAddress : the resolved address is (