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How long will the token be valid after the user has authenticated on the PrinterOn Enterprise solution for an SSO/IDM provider? - c06244695

After a user has authenticated for a SSO/IDM (i.e. Azure, Ping), how long will the token be valid for that user before the user has to authenticate again?

The administrator for the SSO/IDM can configure the token to expire at a certain time, however as an application; the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can shorten that time based on user inactivity.

Is the time for the user to re-authenticate based solely on the SSO or is the PrinterOn solution changing that time out value on a user by user basis?

The expiration time for tokens is completely controlled by the Identity Management Provider. When requests are made, the PrinterOn Enterprise solution checks if the token is valid only. This is by design and in the spirit of the entire authentication approach, the software provider, i.e. PrinterOn, is only acting on behalf of the identity management provider and should not change the iDM configured behavior as a general rule.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.