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How to add a printer to the PrinterOn Enterprise solution version 2.5 - c06613511

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can add PrinterOn printers that can then be mapped to physical on site printers for releasing print jobs.

  1. Login to the PrinterOn web administration portal
  2. Select the Printers icon, then select ' Add a printer to your Printspot '
  3. Complete the required information, such as print driver, the descriptive details and the PrinterOn Name
  4. Select the Optional settings tab to configure finishing options and authentication details
  5. Select the ' Save ' button to confirm the changes
  6. Next login to the Central Print Services admin page (
  7. Select the ' Printers ' tab
  8. Click the Synchronize with PrinterOn option
  9. The newly added printer should appear in the list after the synchronization completes
  10. Select Save to save the settings on the Central Print Services panel
  11. Launch the Print Delivery Station (typically found in the notification center )
  12. Select the ' Settings ' option
  13. Select the ' Import Settings ' tab
  14. Select ' Reimport Customization File '
  15. Once the reimport completes a message indicating that the customization file has imported successfully will appear, select ' Ok '
  16. The newly added printer should appear below the Printers tab
  17. Double click the newly added printer
  18. Select the appropriate protocol for the ' Local Name ', if connecting to the printer using the printers IP address select TCP
  19. Enter the IP address of the printer
  20. Select ' Ok ' to save the settings
  21. Select the printer name again, then select the ' Test Page ' option to send a basic print request to the printer
  22. Once the print job releases from the printer select ' Ok ' to save the settings
  23. Confirm that the ' Start ' option is enabled on the Print Delivery Station, then close the user interface


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.x and older.