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How to change the service account used for a local SQL server - c06226791

In the event the PrinterOn Enterprise solution administrator would like to change the account designated as the SQL administration account used by the PrinterOn Enterprise solution.

Complete the steps below to assign the new SQL account that will have the proper permissions for database owner.

  1. Stop the CPS server (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)
  2. Launch Command Prompt as an admin user.
  3. Run the command sqlcmd -S localhost\ cpsdb -E
  4. If this is successful you should see a greater than sign (>) with a 1.
  5. Next, run the below commands in Command Prompt being sure to specify your new service account in the highlighted areas.
    You can copy all the lines and enter it as a single paste entry in command prompt, just hit enter at the end of it.
  6. Start the Central Print Services (CPS) again and confirm that the service starts on the Microsoft Windows panel .
  7. Also confirm access o the Printers menu within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager .


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.