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How to change your PrinterOn Enterprise license after installing a Trial - c06758536

  1. Connect to web administration to access your Production License
  2. Select 'Manage Licenses'
  3. Select 'Download', then save the licenses file
  4. Open up the PrinterOn Configuration Manager on the machine where the PrinterOn solution is installed 5.Navigate to 'Home', then Licensing
  5. Navigate to 'Home', then Licensing
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Update License
  7. Find the license file you just downloaded and select 'Open' to apply the license file
  8. Once applied, restart all services from the Services tab (no particular sequence )
  9. When all services are restarted, and all your components show as online, go to the Serial Numbers tab
  10. For all components shown under "Serial Numbers in Use", choose the Change button and select the appropriate serial number.
  11. Click Apply Settings
  12. Go to the Printers tab and Synchronize PDS, PDG and CPS and ensure all are successful
  13. You'll now need to move your virtual printers to the new PDS - click Link Printers on the Printers tab
  14. Select the PDS label that matches the label of the PDS in your Production License
  15. Move all your printers over to this new Serial Number and Apply settings
  16. Do one more synchronize of PDS from the Printers tab and you're done!


Applies to: PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later