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How to create a PrinterOn Public virtual printer - c06237046

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Public solution can add PrinterOn printers that can then be mapped to physical printers.

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Website
  2. Select the 'Printers' tab
  3. Select 'Add Printer to your Printspot '
  4. Manage Settings based on guidance below

Required Settings

Section Description
A Printer Configuration Use this section to configure the printer make and model information. This information is used to ensure the output created by PrinterOn is compatible with your printer/MFP. Choose the most appropriate print driver available, or contact Support for assistance.
This section also allows the administrator to configure information about the printer and how it will be presented to users, including details such as the printer’s location and a short description of the printer.
The External ID field is required, but is not currently linked to anything. Enter any value here.
B Using your printer with Web, PrintWhere and Email Printing Allows the administrator to select how users can submit jobs to the specific printer including options such as:
  • Web Printing Portal
  • PrintWhere Driver
  • Document API Printing – this includes access via mobile applications
  • Email Printing
C Release Options When secure release is enabled, users have an option to release print jobs via the Samsung Cloud Printer panel, or through a unique URL.
When this “Remote Job Release” option is enabled, users can visit this URL, enter their release code and have their job printed without access to the physical printer
It is recommended to enter this URL in the “Assistance” field of the “Description of your printing service” section beneath a printer’s Optional Settings.

Optional Settings

Feature Description
A Job and User Information Print jobs sent from your PrintSpot may contain additional information used to identify the sender and notify the user of their job’s progress. The Job and User Information allows you to control how your PrintSpot collects and uses this information.
The labels presented to the user for these fields cannot be customized.
  • Email Address : When selected, the user will be asked to provide an email address with their print job. When jobs are submitted using your PrintSpot’s web page, this address will be used to send the user an email containing the Release Code for their job.
  • User Identifier : When selected, the user will be asked to provide additional identifying information that will be included with a print job. This may include information such as a network login, room number or employee ID.
  • Computer Name : When selected, the name of the computer used to send a print will be included with the job. This option only applies to PrintWhere printing and is intended for advanced integrations with third-party billing/accounting systems.
  • Client UID : Used to request information from users. Generally used in combination with one of the PrinterOn 3rd party integrations.
  • Session MetaData : Used to request information from users. Generally used in combination with one of the PrinterOn 3rd party integrations.
B Privacy Release Code Configure the Release Code for this printer.
  • Documents are released using the PrintValet keypad or HotSpot Printer : Release Codes generated using this option will be 4- to 10-digit numeric codes which are compatible with all PrinterOn Print Release Solutions including the Print Valet keypad and HotSpot Printer or other embedded solutions. (Recommended)
  • Always use numbered release codes : When the PrintValet / HotSpot Printer option is not selected, this option will ensure that Release Codes contain only numbers.
Auto-generate release codes : When selected, PrinterOn will create unique Release Codes for jobs and supply them to the user.
C Releasing print jobs Print jobs are sent from your PrintSpot to the Print Delivery Station or PrintConnect , which collects the print jobs and either sends them immediately to printers or holds them until the user (or an attendant) is present to release them.
  • Automatically when they arrive : When selected, Print Jobs will be automatically released to the printer and will not require a Release Code to print.
Using a PrinterOn Solution or HotSpot Printer : Print jobs will be released using a PrinterOn Solution. Users will be required to supply a Release Code or other identifying information to access their print jobs.
D Advanced Integration Options
  • Enable 3rd Party Integration : PrinterOn’s solution may be integrated with a third-party solution, such as a print/cost management solution. Users will release their print jobs using a solution provided by a third party.
  • Inject PJL Header container if none exists : PrinterOn is able to deliver job and user information to third party integrates using the PJL header. In some cases, headers may not be presented in the print job. This is the case when using the PrinterOn Generic Postsscript driver. If you integrated relies on PJL headers, such as Equitrac , then enable this option.
  • Inject PJL Header into Passthrough Jobs : Some configurations will use PrinterOn Passthrough print capability that allows jobs to be delivered directly to a printer untouched. For some integrations, a PJL header may be required to communicate information. Enabling this option will allow PrinterOn to add PJL headers to Passthrough print jobs. Note, enabling this means that PrinterOn may modify the contents of a Passthrough job to add the PJL headers. If the destination does not support PJL headers, this option should not be enabled.
  • Allow PrinterOn to Manage PJL for Passthrough Jobs : By default, Passthrough jobs are not modified. They are received and delivered “as-is” to the destination. In some configurations, pre-rendered print data, may be delivered to PrinterOn for process (such as PQMS print data). By default, PrinterOn will not modify the job. By enabling this option, PrinterOn will inspect and modify the PJL header if it exists in the job received by the client.
The Advanced integration features should be enabled only if they are supported by your Printer Management Server (PMS). If you are unsure whether your PMS supports this functionality, please contact your PMS provider.
E Output Options
  • Cover pages: Include a Cover Page with print jobs Cover Pages identify the sender and the time of the print job, and may include additional information.
  • Color printing : This feature enables users searching for printers to filter their searches according to whether the printer supports color . If you have a color printer but wish to allow only monochrome output, you can select [ Does not support color ].
  • BW/ Color Default : If users do not manage color settings, the default set in this field will be used to process the print job.
  • Max. page count : Specify the maximum number of pages a print job may use. Print requests exceeding this limit will not be accepted. This includes cover pages.
  • Max. job size : Enter a number to specify the limit on a print job’s processed data size. Print requests exceeding this limit will not be accepted.
    The maximum file size that can be uploaded to PrinterOn's services is 50MB.
  • Duplexing : From the drop-down list, select your duplexing preference. If you prefer to let the printer control duplexing, select "Not Managed".
  • Paper sizes : From the drop-down list, select the valid page (media) sizes for print jobs and click [ Add ]. You can specify up to seven paper sizes. To make one of the paper sizes your default, select the paper size from your list in the right-hand column and click [ Set Default ].
F Description of your printing service
  • Hours of operation : This field informs users about the availability of the printer. You can click on the link "Set printer hours" to set the hours of operation. You can also specify the information.
  • Location : Inform the user about the location of the printer.
  • Description : This field informs users about the printer, for example, how to pick up print jobs.
Assistance : For all the above fields, you can specify whether to send the information of each field when an email is sent to the user.
G Print Delivery Station
  • Allow users to print directly to Print Delivery Station : Enter the address and port number (if applicable) of the Print Delivery Station server in the Server Address field. This will allow users printing via PrintWhere on the same network as your printer to bypass the cloud and deliver job data directly to the printer’s hard drive.
    • Print directly to PDS only : Enabling this option means that users submitting from PrintWhere will need to be on the same network as the Print Delivery Station.
Use an alternate/local Print Delivery Hub to host print jobs : This option is not applicable to hosted PrintSpots .

Payment & Authorization

Feature Description
A Printing Prices Guests will be charged for printing : Set this option if you want to charge the users for printing. When selected, following fields will appear to set the price.
  • Currency : From the drop-down list, display the currency for displaying and calculating your printing prices.
  • Media size : Displays the paper sizes and color options you specified in the Optional Settings tab (see Output Options). Enter a price for each of these fields.
  • Minimum charge per job : If applicable, enter the minimum amount users must pay for printing.
  • Price includes all taxes : Indicates to users in the printer description whether or not the prices you have listed include applicable taxes, or whether you will be adding taxes to the price when users pay for their documents.
  • Charge for cover pages if cover pages are enabled : If your printer requires users to include cover pages with their documents (if your printer is available to all users and the printer is attended or set to automatically release documents), you can choose whether or not the cover page is free or whether users are charged for this page according to your printing price for a single page.
  • Integration with PayPal : PayPal integration requires a Business or Merchant account with PayPal. The Receiver Email is the email address to where the payment notification will be sent by PayPal.
This information is required by PrinterOn to authenticate the payment request with PayPal. On successful authentication, the user will be redirected to the PayPal Payment website to complete the payment for the print job.
B Authorizing Users
  • Redirect to authorize user, track pages or bill customer : Set this option if you want to authorize the users for printing. When selected, the following fields will appear in order to set the authorization URL for web- and mobile-based printing.
    • Web Authorize URL : If you are using a custom-built web PrintSpot to authorize and possibly charge your users for printing through the web, check this box and then enter the URL of the web PrintSpot . This will enable the Approve webpage of your printing PrintSpot , within which your user authorization will occur.
    • Mobile Authorize URL : If you are using a custom-built web PrintSpot to authorize and possibly charge your users for printing through email, check this box and then enter the URL of the PrintSpot (a sample is provided when you click the link).