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How to customize PrinterOn Web Print Interface with a customized logo? - c06231714

The PrinterOn Enterprise solution web interface can be customized with a new logo, these steps below will outline the steps required to accomplish this.

  1. Navigate to this default location: C:\Program Files (x 86)\ PrinterOn Corporation\Apache Tomcat\webapps\cps\images\new
  2. Rename the file logo_white.png to another value e.g : logo_white_original.png
  3. Copy the new logo file that you want to appear on the web print page to the name logo_white.png

The height of the log file is hard coded within the pages for the web submission page, however using CSS coding we can change only the height property, the step below will help to accomplish this change:

navbar- brand{
#background-image: url ("../images/new/logo_white.png")!important;
#width: 205px;
height: 80px !important;
#border: 0px;


The Height attribute was changed from 70 (the default value) to 80, the larger size required.