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How to disable certain file types within the PrinterOn Enterprise Solution - c06593886

Utilizing the steps below will allow the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to disable certain file types from rendering.

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
  2. Select the Advanced menu, then select Components .
  3. Select Configure on the Print Anywhere Server component.
  4. Select the Formats tab.
  5. Select the appropriate application or application (for example, Microsoft Excel) to expand the menu.
  6. Select the file extension in the 'File Extensions' section.
  7. Select the ' Delete ' button to remove the extension.
  8. Select ' Apply Settings ' to commit the changes.
  9. Navigate back to Home, then Services.
  10. Restart the Print Anywhere server components.
    1. Print Anywhere Processing Server.
    2. Print Anywhere E-Mail Plugin.
    3. Print Anywhere Status Server.
  11. Attempt to submit another print request with the disabled(deleted) file extension.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.