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How to install a remote Print Delivery station and connect it to a parent PrinterOn Configuration Manager - c06224394

Using the steps below the administrator for the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is able to install a remote Print Delivery Station and connect it to the parent PrinterOn Configuration Manager .

This might be a remote office where the main PrinterOn server cannot print directly to the printer.

  1. Run the PrinterOn Enterprise software Installer .
  2. In the “ License Summary File ” window, browse to the PrinterOn license file and select it. Click Next .
  3. Under “ Setup Type ”, choose Custom and click Next .
  4. Select the Print Delivery Station option .
  5. Complete the installation , reboot if prompted.
  6. Choose Start > All Programs > PrinterOn > Configure Server .
    1. If on Windows 2012, search for the PrinterOn Configuration Manager from the Start menu.
    2. Or, go to
  7. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager .
  8. Choose the Settings (gear) icon and select Parent .
  9. Enter the IP address of the alternate server (your main PrinterOn server), click Connect ( eg.
  10. If the connection is successful a successful message will appear with the server status showing 'Online'.
    If the connection is not successful:
    1. Validate that the port 8057 is allowed through the firewall on the PrinteOn Enterprise server.
    2. Validate that the PrinterOn Configuration Manager service is running on the server running the PrinterOn Enterprise solution.
    3. Validate that the IP address is correct, ensure the port is also specified.
    4. Validate that the correct port is being used to connect to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
  11. With this connection now in place, login to the parent PrinterOn Configuration Manager and manage this component (it can be identified based on the machine name or host name).


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.