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How to install the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) - PrinterOn Public - c06638145

Using these steps the administrator of the PrinterOn Public service can install and configure a Print Delivery Station (PDS) in order to download

  1. Install the Print Delivery Station
    1. Run the PDS installation
    2. When prompted for the type of install, choose PrinterOnHosted
    3. Complete the installation
    4. Launch the Configuration Manager from the Desktop Shortcut that was created ( and create a new password as prompted
  2. Configure the Print Delivery Station
    1. After a password for the Configuration Manager is created, the next step is to enter administrator credentials
    2. Enter the email address of the PrintSpot administrator in the Administrator Username field
    3. Enter the password of the PrintSpot administrator in the Administrator Password field
    4. After successfully importing, navigate to the Printers tab
    5. Confirm the virtual printers created in the PrinterOn cloud are shown
      1. The printer names will usually reflect the location eg. hilton-london-1
    6. Configure the Output Destination of each virtual printer by clicking the Edit button next to them, and save changes when complete
      1. Define any network printers using the tcp or ipp protocol, and the printer's (static) IP address
      2. Define any USB printers by clicking the Map button NOTE: The printer must have been previously added to Windows to use this option
    7. Return to the Printers tab
    8. Test the Output Destinations of each virtual printer by clicking the Test button next to them
      1. If this fails, pause and troubleshoot connectivity to the printer from the Windows machine
    9. If a PrintValet has been purchased to be used for secure release, follow these additional steps, otherwise move on to test the solution, or review this article to enable web-based secure release
      1. Navigate to the PrintValet tab
      2. Click Add
      3. Check Enable to use the PrintValet to release print jobs.
      4. Specify how the PDS connects to the PrintValet :
        1. If you are using a USB PrintValet , check Serial/USB Connection, then specify the serial port used to connect to the device (it will usually be the highest number COM available)
        2. If you are using a network PrintValet , check Ethernet Connection, then specify the IP address. If the PrintValet is not using the default port, port 41, then include the port in the URI. For example:
      5. From the Default Language drop-down, specify the language the PrintValet will display information in
      6. In the Printer Association panel, select the printers for which the PrintValet will release print jobs
        It is possible to configure different printers to different Network PrintValets when more than one printer is assigned to the PDS.
      7. Click Save
      8. To confirm that you have correctly configured it, your PrintValet should read Print Release Press OK
  3. Test the solution end to end
    1. Visit the web print page for your location eg.
    2. Select a printer and browse for a document to upload
    3. Submit the print job
    4. Attempt to release the job using the same method a user would, or in an automatic release environment, collect the print from the printer


If import fails:

If printers are not shown on the Printers tab:

If jobs are not downloaded:

Verify the Remote Listener Tests are successful. If they fail, ensure connectivity to the Host Address of the Remote Listener returns an expected XML response eg.