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How to manage printer finishing options - c06594843

When setting finishing options on the PrinterOn virtual print queues, it's important to understand how the default options selected will be used.

The default values in the finishing options will be used if changes are not made. Management of finishing options will be presented to the end user when submitting a print via Web Print, using the PrinterOn Android or iOS mobile app, PrintWhere , Google Cloud Print, native iOS printing and the PrinterOn Queue Management. For users submitting jobs through email, the default values will be used. There is no option to select different configurations when submitting by email.

To address different default options for email submission, multiple virtual queues can be created, all with different default settings. Be sure to name the queues appropriately eg.

To manage finishing options on a PrinterOn virtual print queue:

  1. Log into PrinterOn Configuration Manager on the primary PrinterOn server
  2. Go to Printers (or Secure Release Anywhere Pools if there is a pull print queue in use)
  3. Expand the Printer to be modified
  4. Click Configure
  5. Scroll to Finishing Options and expand
  6. Modify the required settings
  7. Save changes