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How to modify the Microsoft Windows host file when Domain Naming service (DNS) is not available - c06242634

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can manually define the Domain Naming Service (DNS) to IP address for the host or multiple machines hosting the PrinterOn solution components.

Steps to change the Host file:

  1. Navigate to "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc".
  2. Open the host file via a text editor ( you need administrator privileges to edit and save the file in the same location ).
  3. Type in the resolvable IP address
  4. Click on 'tab' (for spacing), then enter the local domain name that you wish to map to this IP address
  5. Save the host file.
  6. Reboot the machine in order to finalize the changes



By defining a value in the Microsoft Windows host file is a manual process and should be documented in the event this IP address changes in the future, it must be updated in the file as well.