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How to organize PrinterOn printers into departments within the PrinterOn Enterprise solution? - c06231816

Using the steps below the end user can quickly and easily locate their printers by selecting the department, then locating the appropriate printer.

Organize the printers into departments

  1. Open up the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
  2. Select the Printers tab, then select ' Manage Departments '.
  3. Select ' Add Department ' to add a new department - Specify the Department name.
  4. Create as many departments as needed or required.
  5. For the newly created Department, select ' Printers '.
  6. Highlight the printers for that department, select arrow to ' link ' those printers.
  7. Continue linking the other printers to the departments you would like.

Create the department view

  1. Select the ' Workflows ' tab.
  2. On the ' Web Print ' tab select ' Department side bar view '.
  3. Select ' Apply Settings '.
  4. Navigate to the web print page and now find an easier way for the end users to find their printers.

Before Department view configured:

After Department view configured:


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.