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How to remove the Delivery Option - PrinterOn" windows in PrintWhere after clicking the Print button from an application?" - c06244684

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn PrintWhere application can hide the 'Delivery Options' screen that appears as the last screen before the print job is sent through the PrinterOn solution.

The Delivery Screen:

This screen would typically disabled if the user is not required to enter any additional information, therefore the print job would go directly through the PrinterOn solution and be ready for pickup at the printer.

Steps to disable:

  1. Open a document such as Microsoft Word, or Notpad , then select 'Print'.
  2. When PrintWhere 6.x is selected as the printer to be used, select Preferences.
  3. The PrintWhere Printing Preferences box will appear.
  4. Select Options.
  5. Then select the Settings button beside the PrintWhere Settings.
  6. Select the On option for 'Only Display When Required'.
  7. Select OK to apply and confirm changes.
  8. Submit another print request to confirm the Delivery Options screen no longer appears.


Applies to PrintWhere 6.x and later.