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How to reset the password for the PrinterOn Configuration Manager for the standalone Print Delivery Station - c06226830

Included within the PrinterOn solution is a batch file that allows the administrator of the solution to reset the password.

Complete these steps to reset the password for the PrinterOn Configuration Manager for the Print Delivery Station (PDS):

  1. Remote into the Machine where the PrinterOn software is installed.
  2. Open the command prompt on the machine by going to Start , then type cmd .
  3. Open a windows folder and navigate to the default directory:
    C:\Program Files(x 86)\ PrinterOn Corporation\Print Delivery Station Installer\Tools\ ResetPassword
  4. Drag the resetAdminPassword.bat file into the command prompt window and select Enter on the keyboard to run the reset password action.
  5. Once completed open the PrinterOn Configuration Manager using the shortcut on the desktop or from the Microsoft Windows Start menu.
  6. Enter the default username ' root '.
  7. Enter the default password ' Password '.

If a PrinterOn Enterprise license was used to complete this installation, then the default password will be the APISiteAuth value that is included within the licenses file.


Good practice would be to run the command prompt window with elevated 'Administrator' permissions before running the resetAdminPassword.bat file.

Applies to Print Delivery Station 3.x and later.