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How to reset your credentials used for the AirPrint submission - c06230010

When the first print job is sent to a airprinter that has authentication, the user must enter the username and password to authenticate and allow the print request to be successful. The user will then be prompted again when the credentials no longer work (e.g. the password expires).

To reset the user account and password associated with the PrinterOn printer dispalying on the iOS device, select print on the device. Select the 'info' icon on the printer, then select the option to 'Forget Username & Password'. The prompt for username and password will appear on the next print request to the printer from the mobile device.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. When the AirPrint profile has been crated by a third party such as Apple Configurator or a mobile device management (MDM) solution, this password reset is not possible.