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How to resolve Error: PTS71274 - c06234273

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn solution can resolve the issue: Error: PTS71274

ISSUE: The PrinterOn PrintConnect device displays the error message: Error: PTS71274. This error means that the PrintConnect device is unable to connect to the print site and be registered.

Steps to take:

  1. Confirm the PrinterOn PrintConnect details are registered on the print site:
    1. Login to the web administration panel
    2. Select the software tab
    3. Confirm that the MAC details of the PrinterOn PrintConnect device are listed
  2. Restart the PrinterOn PrintConnect device
    1. Try to restart the PrinterOn PrintConnect device to see if it would re-establish connection to the print site
  3. Remove PrinterOn PrintConnect and try agai
    1. Select the Reset button to clear the PrinterOn PrintConnect details from the print site, then re-enter the information again
    2. Restart the PrinterOn PrintConnect device to re-establish connection


Applies to PrinterOn Public and PrinterOn PrintConnect.