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How to troubleshoot PrinterOn Queue Management System (PQMS) printing, print jobs are rejected - c06234290

If the PrinterOn Queue Management System (PQMS) printing doesn't work following the configuration below the workflows menu option, confirm the setting to allow Document API Printing is enabled.

To check if Document API Printing is enabled complete the steps below.

For PrinterOn Public Edition customers:

  1. Log in to PrinterOn.COM by clicking here
  2. Click on Printers icon
  3. Click "Required Settings" for the desired printer
  4. Scroll all the way down to make sure Document API Printing is checked
  5. If it is not checked, then check it and click save
  6. Submit another print request to confirm this setting change has resolved the issues.

For PrinterOn Enterprise customer:

  1. Log in to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  2. Navigate to the Printers tab
  3. Click on the "+" beside the printer you wish to configure and click Configure button
  4. Click on the "+" to expand Workflow
  5. Make sure Document API Printing is checked if not check it and click "Apply Settings"
  6. Once you are back to Printers page synchronize


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. The PrinterOn Enterprise solution makes use of Type3 drivers, therefore Type4 print drivers are currently not supported and will fail during the print job submission.