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How to update the licenses file being used on the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06226840

Using the steps below will help the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution version 3.x and later to update the licenses file being used.

To acquire the updated licenses file , please login to the web administration print site by going here: .

If you don’t know the password, simply click the ‘forget password’ option and that will allow you to reset the password.

  1. On the main screen click on the option ‘ Manage License ’.
  2. 2.Next:
    1. Select ‘ Download ’ which will allow you to download the updated licenses file with the new updates included (additional printers, or updated expiry date).
    2. Select ' Email License ' which will send an email to the email account used to authenticated, the new updates should be included (additional printers, or updated expiry date).
  3. On the local machine login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager .
  4. Select the Licensing tab, then select ‘ Download ’.
  5. Open the newly downloaded licenses file along with the licenses file downloaded from the PrinterOn Configuration Manager (as per step #4).
  6. Copy the [CONFIG] section at the bottom of the licenses file (downloaded from the PrinterOn Configuration Manager) to the new licenses file downloaded from
  7. Save the new licenses file with the updated configurations.
  8. Within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager and the licensing tab, select ‘ Update Licenses ’.
  9. Select the new licenses file then confirm the changes to apply the new licenses file to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager .
  10. Validate that the updates have been properly applied based on the new expiry date or the additional printer connections.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.

Should there be any questions regarding the licenses file, please contact the PrinterOn support team for further assistance.