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How to upgrade the PrinterOn Enterprise Solution from version 3.x to 4.x - c06238671

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is able to upgrade the solution to a newer release.

Upgrading from PrinterOn Enterprise from 3.x to PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x

Option 1: In-place Upgrade

  1. Make a backup of the PrinterOn server configurations (this is a manual process, write down the information or save them in a configuration file). Or take a snapshot of the virtual machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution.
    1. Make a backup of the Print Delivery Gateway properties file located here by default: C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PDG\gateway
    2. Make a backup of the Print Delivery Station properties file located here by default: C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PDS\client (This step is not required if the Google Cloud Printing, PQMS Printing, Airprint or IPP printing is not used)
  2. If your current release of 3.x is NOT 3.2.7
    1. Navigate to the web site then download 3.2.7 (If the software is not available; contact PrinterOn support who can provide you the updated link to the software)
    2. Run the installer to upgrade your currently release of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to 3.2.7
    3. Restart the machine to complete the installation
  3. Download the latest release of the 4.x which is at this point of this Knowledge Base article 4.1.4
  4. Run the installer to begin the in-place upgrade
  5. Complete the installation then restart the machine
  6. Once the machine has been restarted, validate that the latest release of 4.x works as expected with sample print jobs through the web submission page

Option 2: New Installation

  1. Create a new Virtual machine to host the new PrinterOn Enterprise solution version 4.x
  2. Login to the web administration protol, then select 'Manage Licenses'
  3. Select 'Download' to download the latest release of the licenses file that will be used to install PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x
  4. Download PrinterOn Enterprise version 4.x from the website
  5. Complete all pre-requisit installations required before attempting to install the PrinterOn Enterprise solution
  6. Login to the machine as the service account that will be used to run the PrinterOn Enterprise solution services
  7. Run the installation file for version 4.x
  8. Select the newly downloaded licenses file, then complete the installation
  9. Restart the machine to commit the changes
  10. With version 4.x the PrinterOn configuration Manager link appears on the desktop after the reboot
  11. Launch the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  12. Login with the default values:
    • username: root
    • password: APISiteAuth (this value is included in the licenses file and in the [Site] section
  13. Once authenticated a new password will be requested ( 8 characters minimum, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters required )
  14. The installation has now been completed successfully


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and 4.x.