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How to utilize PrintWhere in Windows Virtual Desktop - c06642343

Perform these actions on the session host machine, while logged into the instance as an Administrator user:

  1. Install PrintWhere
  2. Enable Plugin Caching via registry
  3. Enable Suppressing ISM via registry
  4. Launch PrintWhere Printer Manager from the Desktop
  5. Click Search Preferences and enter the CPS Service URL eg.
  6. Click OK to apply
  7. Click Account Settings
  8. Click Edit to enter authentication details
    This step is only required if authentication is required on the print service
  9. View all available printers by clicking Search while the Keyword field is blank
  10. Select a print queue and click Select after seeing Destination Ready
  11. When the window closes, send a test print from a desktop application by choosing File - Print - PrintWhere
  12. Print to all available print queues once by re-launching the PrintWhere Printer Manager, performing a blank search and selecting each subsequent printer
  13. At this stage, users who connect to the session host using their own credentials will have PrintWhere installed and the Plugins available. Users will need to define the Service URL and enter their credentials, so steps 4 - 10 above will be required before they can print using PrintWhere.


There is a method to define the Service URL and set a default printer so that users will only need to authenticate during the print process, rather than go through all the steps defined above. This can be accomplished when defining an ExternalConfig.xml file. See Article 2016 for more details

An additional step is required when using an ExternalConfig.xml file: Create group policy object or startup script to copy the ExternalConfig.xml from the session host Administrator's AppData file path into user's AppData file path (eg. C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\PrinterOn Corporation\PrintWhere {version}/Config)