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Internal Error Code:110 displayed on the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station - c06238706

The Printeron PrintValet keypad displays error message " Internal Error Code:110 ".

Steps to resolution, complete the steps below.

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager for the Print Delivery Station (PDS).
  2. Navigate to the PrintValet tab and make sure:
    1. The PrintValet keypad is mapped to the correct COM port (if its a USB PrintValet).
    2. The network PrintValet keypad has the correct IP address listed.
  3. Navigate to the printers tab.
  4. Select the ' Edit ' button on the problematic printer and confirm output destination has the correct value:
    1. For the printer name if mapping to the local printer.
    2. The correct IP address for the printer is being displayed.
  5. Reboot the machine to complete complete the configuration changes and refresh the machine, and the PrintValet keypad.


Applies to PrinterOn Print Delivery Station 3.x and later.