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Internet Explorer (IE) enhanced security configuration and the PrinterOn Enterprise solution. - c06232470

IE Enhanced security was introduced starting in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, with this feature enabled; some options within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager are disabled. To enable these features a couple options could be considered:

  1. Install a new browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) on the machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution
    • These browsers will not be restricted based on these permissions since these permissions for IE Enhanced security is tied to Internet Explorer
  2. Open up the PrinterOn Configuration Manager on another machine
    • Using the browser from another machine login to the PrinterOn Configuration manager, since the policy on the machine hosting the PrinterOn solution is specific to that machine only.
  3. Disable the IE Enhanced Security on the machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution. This policy can be disable for both administrators and users, or just users or just administrators.
    To disable IE Enhanced Security
    • Launch the Microsoft Windows Server Manager
    • Go to Local Server
    • Select either 'On' or 'Off' at the highlighted area
    • Relaunch Internet Explorer again for the policy to take effect


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. PrinterOn recommends option 1 or option 2, if option 3 is used, attempt to disable the policy for the period of time required to make administrative changes, but return the machine to the secured state.