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Is a security certificate required? - c06227238

Yes, PrinterOn Enterprise should be deployed with a properly trusted certificate for the Apache Tomcat web server which is part of the Central Print Services component. This is required for any installation, even if it s a test server or a showroom environment.

If installing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, this will provide a secure communication from clients requesting access to the Central Print service which is the first component within the solution to receive the print requests, the CPS is also the component that initiates communication with the authentication server such as LDAP/AD to authenticate the user.

This connection should be protected, therefore installing a security certificate will enable SSL for secure user communications.


The mobile app submission workflow is what requires a trusted certificate. If you are not implementing that workflow, a trusted certificate is still strongly recommended, but not required. This is a new change as of September 2018 and mobile app version 3.6.0.