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Jobs in the Print Delivery Station are set to NEW - c06617177

The Print Delivery Station can be setup to automatically send the print jobs to the print queue or printer and also be configured to hold the print jobs. This article discusses automatically releasing the print jobs.

In order for print jobs to automatically be sent to the printer or to the print queue complete these steps:

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  2. Select the Printers tab
  3. Expand the printer that is under investigation
  4. Select Configure
  5. Expand the Releasing Print Jobs section
  6. Next to the Release Print Jobs section, ensure "Automatically when they arrive" is selected
  7. Save settings
  8. Send a new test job to confirm it flows on to the destination queue automatically

If the print jobs are still being held in status New after making the change to "Automatically when they arrive", carry on to these next steps below.

  1. Select Advanced, then Components
  2. Select Configure on the Print Delivery Station
  3. Click the Printers tab
  4. Click Edit on the printer that is under investigation
  5. Ensure your PrinterOn Configuration Manager is set to show Advanced Settings (See Article 1509)
  6. Change the Release and Privacy Mode to ‘None’, it’s probably set to ‘General Delivery’
  7. Select ‘Apply Settings’
  8. Submit another job and test


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later