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Jobs rejected from Equitrac queue when using non-PCL or PS driver - c06237436

PJL headers provide the details the Equitrac print management print server needs in order to accept the PrinterOn Enterprise solution print jobs (without a mobile print license being installed in the Equitrac print server).

If no headers are sent, the job will appear in the Equitrac print queue for a brief moment before it disappears.

This happens in particular with Canon UFR II drivers; as this driver does not have any PJL information.

To resolve this, enable the "Inject a PJL Header container if none exists" under the "Releasing Print Jobs" option of the printer's configuration.

The key header for Equitrac is:

@PJL SET PON_ML = "0" ( Src PON)

@PJL SET PON_ML = "1" ( Src PONX)


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.