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PDG (Print Delivery Gateway) fails to synchronize the printers - c06242701

When trying to sychronize the printers, the Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) fails to synchronize the printers.

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. This is due to Print Delivery Gateway not being able to communicate to the Central Print Services (CPS) to get updated printer list.
    Please check the following:
    • Log into PrinterOn configuration manager and navigate to Advanced > Components > Print Delivery Gateway > Configure > Networking.
    • Confirm the "Service URI" is pointing to the address of Central Print Services and that URl is accessible from the machine.
    • This URl usually looks like: which is fine if both PDG and CPS software components are installed on the same machine.
    • If PDG is not installed on the same machine as CPS service, then the URL must be updated with the valid IP or domain name service (DNS) name of the machine that has CPS software installed on.
  2. Validate that the Central Print Service is running on the correct port, and that the port is not being used by something else.
  3. Validate that the keystore password is the correct password for the CPS (Central Print Service) to be running.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.

In order to be able to see the value of the Service URI, you might need to turn ON Show Advanced Settings within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.