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Print data security with the PrinterOn Enterprise solution and the PrinterOn Global Directory - c06234259

At its core, PrinterOn relies on the directory service. The directory service provides information regarding every printer managed by PrinterOn. This includes settings such as printer model, printing options and location information. Every printer stored in the directory has a unique and static 12-digit identifier that is unique within an organization as well as a globally unique identifier that is unique across all of PrinterOn. When configuring the Print Delivery Station (PDS), this printer identifier is used to associate the physical printer with a PrinterOn “virtual printer”. When installing the Print Delivery Station software, the user is prompted to provide their PrinterOn administrative credentials.

This information, in combination with a unique software serial number, is used to ensure that a job sent to a PrinterOn printer can only be accessed by the device or software that has been configured to do so.

Documents delivered to PDS remain encrypted until a user enters their secure and private release code. By leveraging PrinterOn public/private key encryption technology with private keys stored in the release software, only the PDS that manages the selected printer is capable of decrypting the print job.

The PrinterOn service uses industry-accepted secure cloud storage best practices. Each customer’s data is stored in a dedicated and isolated storage container. The container is protected with access control rules limiting access to the customer connected services. Security can be increased by reducing the number of components interacting with the data and allowing the PDS to directly download the print jobs from the cloud storage on demand. The PrinterOn PDS may be configured to request a short-lived reference to the print data and download it directly from the cloud storage service, as opposed to using PrinterOn Print Delivery Hub (PDH). This option is available for modern release stations capable of interacting with the cloud storage.

The reference to the print data is generated at the time the user requests the job with a unique and secure URL that expires after a short period of time ensuring the information is not available to other software or users.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.x and later.