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Print output is not as expected, includes wingdings and encrypted content - c06231787

When submitting a print job via web, email, mobile app or PrintWhere , the output which prints is not the content expected. Instead it is page after page of encrypted content (wingdings and blank pages). The first page will include text similar to below:

/Creator ( PrintWhere x.x ) eg. /Creator ( PrintWhere 6.1)
/Producer (Copyright 2017 PrinterOn )


<</Length 6 0 R/Filter / FlateDecode >>

Steps to troubleshoot:

The issue might be related to the print driver selected and configured for the printer being used to submit the print request

  1. Login to the administrative panel, either:
    • (When using the PrinterOn Public solution)
    • The PrinterOn Configuration Manager (When using the PrinterOn Enterprise solution)
  2. Modify the printer
  3. Select to change the print driver to the PrinterOn Generic PCL6 or Post Script 3
  4. Submit the print request again
  5. Confirm the print job is the expected content


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.