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PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) incorrectly saves the queue name with ---" ahead of the queue name" - c06238163

Unable to submit a print request from the Print Delivery Station (PDS) to the printer or to the print queue.


When viewing the printers on the PDS Printers tab, the Output Destination displays '---' in front of the local queue name, with this value infront of the queue or printer name the test prints will fail.


This is caused by selecting the --- shown at the BOTTOM of the drown down list.

If you select the --- at the TOP of the drop down list, your output destination will be saved as is expected to appear.

If the dashes are appearing, edit the printer within PDS and remove the dashes, ensuring to select the --- option from the TOP of the drop down list before saving the changes.


Applies to PrinterOn Print Delivery Station version

Issue resolved in PDS 4.1.x and later.