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PWC7029 error during a print request submission - c06233118

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can troubleshoot issues related to PWC7029.

  1. PrinterOn recommends that the core PrinterOn Enterprise solution components are not installed on the machine where the print management solution components are installed.
    The Print Delivery Station is the exception - as this component can be installed on the same machine hosting the print management solution.
  2. Validate if multiple versions of Java exist on the machine where the PrinterOn components are installed.
    If multiple versions of Java exist on the machine, remove all versions of Java from the machine, and re-install only the Java version installed with the PrinterOn solution.
  3. Check if there are multiple versions of Java on the machine.

If there is, remove all Java instances, reboot the machine then re-install java as per our installer.

You will be prompted to repair some of the PrinterOn software, choose NO.


Applies to Print Delivery Station 3.2.5 and earlier.