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Receiving Printer Error in Print Delivery Station (PDS): Unable to decode encryption password (Version 2.6 and earlier) - c06237546

Jobs are received in Print Delivery Station (PDS) but they fail to print with Status Printer Error shown in the queue monitor.

The following lines will appear in PDS logs :

Unable to decode encryption password, caught exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: PKCS1::unpad(byte[], byte[]) - first byte is corrupted

This is usually due to the default RSA encryption key being used within PDS software being corrupted and it needs to be either disabled or recreated.

To disable the Encryption:

To create a new Encryption:


Applies to PrinterOn Print Delivery Station 2.6 and earlier. Make sure there is no other instances of Print Delivery Station Software with the same serial number running on the same network. Otherwise one PDS will always corrupt the encryption key of the other PDS or it will interfere with the other PDS's functionality.