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Resetting a PrintConnect to factory defaults, including DHCP - c06231883

To return a PrintConnect back to factory defaults (which includes DHCP), PrinterOn to supply user with "Reset" txt file.


that the reset file is generic – it will work with any version 3.0 PrintConnect . This includes every PrintConnect that has a MAC address starting with the digits 001BEB.

To perform the update please do the following:

  1. Copy the reset file to a USB key.
  2. Turn off the power to the PrintConnect .
  3. Plug the USB key with the included files into the front of the PrintConnect .
  4. Turn the PrintConnect power back on.

If the process works correctly the PrintConnect will complete the boot process, read the contents of the USB key, reset itself to default settings and then reboot again.

The process should take about three minutes to complete.

You can see the process by watching what is displayed on the LCD screen of the Print Valet keypad.

After about 1 minute the keypad will display “Print Release Press OK” for a few seconds, then it will go blank as the PrintConnect restarts itself. This is a very good sign.

If the PrintConnect does not restart after about one minute it is possible that the PrintConnect does not “see” your USB key.

If possible, please try copying the files to another USB key. As a general rule it is best to use smaller (lower capacity) USB keys.

The PrintConnect may not recognize more recent 16 and 32 gigabyte USB keys.

You can also verify that the process completed successfully by putting the USB key back into a windows computer and looking at the contents of the USB key.

If the update was successful the file named reset will be renamed to " reset.bak ".


Applies to Linux based PrintConnect devices.