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Steps to Troubleshoot PAS10061 error message within the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06617904

When submitting a print request through the PrinterOn Enterprise solution the user receives the error message PAS10061: 'An error occurred attempting to process this message. Please try again. If problems persist, the message may contain unsupported information or the contents of the message are corrupt or it is an empty email.'

  1. Check the contents of the email
    1. Confirm that the email print request being sent actually does have information in the body of the message
  2. Verify the Configuration Settings
    1. Navigate in the PrinterOn Configuration Manager's authentication tab
    2. Select the LDAP profile that is enabled to authenticate the users within the PrinterOn solution
      1. Change the search DN to a location that is closer in the LDAP tree to where the users exist
      2. Save the settings
      3. Submit a print request and confirm if the error still occurs.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.